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Cargo shipping

The demand for Europe-wide shipment of palletised freight is growing. The international Palletways network is geared towards this, supported by state-of-the-art technology, you can always check the status of your shipment and know your freight in the best hands.

Through our cooperation with Palletways, we are able to offer the best possible logistics services in the transport of your goods:

  • Europe-wide dispatch of bulk goods

  • minimum running times

  • high flexibility

Steel logistics

In the field of steel logistics, we are well prepared for the handling and the delivery of long goods and sheet metal:

  • over 3,500 m2 of storage space

  • works siding

  • Goods can be stored in the short, medium or long term

  • Envelope and delivery in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg

Ship spare parts warehouse:

In our ship spare parts warehouse we offer you for ship equipment and spare parts:

  • inventory management

  • picking

  • Shipment according to call


In a matter of minutes our fleet reaches the central ramps and downhill runs within Hamburg and thus offers you:

  • goods distribution

  • just-in-time deliveries

  • Observance of the supply chain

  • low storage costs

Long haul

The port of Hamburg as a world-renowned transhipment center allows us to quickly transfer and accept global commodity flows.

Our main objectives:

  • Stuttgart

  • Nürnberg

  • Frankfurt am Main

  • Ruhrgebiet

  • Schweden

  • Finnland

  • Middle East

  • Far East

  • North and South America


We have a great experience in the field of rail transport. GÜHH and our customers are placing more emphasis on environmentally friendly feeder services.

We know how to benefit from the benefits of rail transport:

  • own track connection

  • large free ramps for loading heavy or bulky goods

  • combined transports

  • an ecological component of the transport chain

Sea freight

The port of Hamburg is only a few kilometers away from our office in Billbrook. We are there daily and reach destinations all over the world via various terminals.

We will ship, among other things following products:

  • Metal goods

  • Chemical products

  • Tea

  • Machinery

  • Wood products

  • paper and cellulose products

Air freight

The proximity to the airport of Hamburg allows us to connect quickly to the international air traffic turntables. Urgent and high-quality cargo can be brought by GÜHH to any place in the world within a very short time.

We transport:

  • Ship spare parts

  • Medical equipment

  • Machine parts

  • Metal goods

  • spare parts of all types

  • Textiles